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Guide to Navigating Your Finances Abroad as an US Expat

Guide to Navigating Your Finances Abroad as an US Expat

As an US expat living abroad, managing the world of international finance for the first time is no easy feat. Here’s a six-step breakdown to help you get started on this journey.


🐧 Ultimate Guide to Semi-Retirement

Why 2020's are Different, My Money Journey, Why Semi-Retirement, How to Calculate Your Semi-FIRE Number, Downsides
June 2, 2024

🐧 My FIRE Alternative Strategies

Evolution of FI Games, Semi-Retirement, Fractional Work, Geoarbitrage, Buy a SMB
April 21, 2024

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December 10, 2023

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🐧 18 money rules I live my life by

Save Hours Each Month & Avoid Decision Fatigue. Craft Your Own Money Rules
September 3, 2023

🐧 12 financial tools I can't live without

Save Up to 100+ Hours with Investment Tools, Tax Service, Property Calculator, & more
August 13, 2023

🐧 Tracking your net worth as a global citizen | Rohit Nadhani

Spotlight: From Building Data Tools to Untangling Global Wealth
July 23, 2023

🐧 Insights from $788M+ net worth

Net Worth Report H1 2023: Breakdown by Age, Country, and Profession
July 9, 2023

🐧 10 international money hacks you need to know

Automation, 2 FX fee hacks, virtual mailbox, visa-free travel, 3 foreign tax savings
June 11, 2023

🐧 Expat Net Worth Report Q1 2023

Insights from $127M+ net worth, $50M income, 47 millionaires, 40 countries
April 16, 2023

🐧 Secrets to building financial resiliency

Recession-proof mindset, 6-month runway (+ earn 4.7% yield), 6 side hustles, FANG offer tactics
March 19, 2023

🐧 Expensive mistakes made by expats (part 2)

Expat hedonic treadmill, comp packages, foreign investing
February 26, 2023

🐧 Tips & hacks for popular expat personal finance tools

Multi-currency trackers, Interactive Brokers, cross-border & FX tips
February 5, 2023

🐧 How to track your net worth as an expat

PLUS: Expat Money Review Template, Art of Spending Money
January 29, 2023

🐧 Four expensive mistakes made by expats

INSIDE: Frozen Accounts, Admin Hell, Tax Bogeyman, and more!
January 22, 2023

🐧 How to automate your money as an expat

PLUS: Singapore expat follow-up, HK Top Talent Pass Scheme, Portuguese housing bubble
January 15, 2023

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