Best Virtual Mailbox Services for Expats in 2024

Managing your physical mail might not be the first thing on your mind, but it's critical aspect of building a life or business abroad.

Despite the growing digital economy, financial services like your banks and credit cards often still mail your physical cards, passwords, and PIN codes to your local mailing address.

While you’re overseas, you need a practical solution to handle your important mail from your home country in a secure and efficient manner.

Traditional mail forwarding services can be slow, unreliable, and may not cater specifically to your expat and remote business needs. This is where virtual mailboxes shine. By providing you with a virtual address, these services allow you to receive, view, and manage your mail from anywhere in the world, all through an easy-to-use online platform.

Here, we’ve curated this list of our favorite virtual mailboxes after researching and analyzing various virtual mailbox services.

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Stable Mailbox

Best for remote startups and businesses
$40/mo (20% off with affiliate link)
United States


My US business virtual mailbox. Stable provides you with a permanent street address in a premium location and the ability to manage your physical mail online. My favorite aspect of Stable is its versatile functionality - including scanning, forwarding, shredding and deposit checks.

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Anytime Mailbox

Best for startups and SMBs
Starts at $5.99/mo
United States


Anytime Mailbox is virtual mailbox solution that offers addresses in ~2,000 locations around the world. Its features include scanning, mailbox forwarding, check depositing, mobile app, and unlimited online storage. I haven't personally used Anytime Mailbox, but the general consensus is that it's a solid, affordable solution depending on the address you select (quality of service is determined by the local mailbox partner).

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iPostal1 Digital Mailbox

Best for consistent pricing
Starting at $9.99/mo
United States


iPostal1 offers virtual mailing addresses for individuals and businesses at over 3,000 real street addresses in the US and abroad. It differentiates from other virtual mailbox solutions by providing standardized plans at every locations, which include features like 30 mail items per months, 30 day mail and package storage, real-time shipping prices with choice of carriers, and simple scanning rates. I haven't personally used iPostal1, but experts suggest it's another affordable service for those who desire more consistent experience.

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Earth Class Mail

Best for confidential mailing
Starts at US$29/mo
United States


Earth Class Email is a virtual mail service that allows businesses and individuals to receive, scan, and manage your postal mail online. I've used it as a personal mailbox, and it runs smoothly. You can choose a virtual address in 50 states and Earth Class Mail will forward your mail to their secure facility. They will then scan the mail and upload it to your online mailbox, where you can access it from anywhere. You can also have them shred, recycle, or forward your mail as needed.

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What are virtual mailboxes?

A virtual mailbox provides a physical address to collect your postal mail and parcels, which are then converted into digital forms for online access. 

This service enables you to handle your postal communications from any location with an internet connection. The standard procedure includes scanning the exterior of mail items. Should you need to see more, simply instruct the service to open and scan the contents, allowing you to read them electronically or dispose of them securely as needed.

These services often extend their offerings with added conveniences such as forwarding your physical mail to another address, bundling multiple packages together for streamlined shipping, or processing check deposits on your behalf directly into your bank account.

Why get a virtual mailbox as a person or business abroad?

Opting for a virtual mailbox is both practical and beneficial, particularly for expats and global business owners. Let's look at how this service proves to be an essential asset:

Receiving PIN codes and cards: Banks and financial institutions often send sensitive information like PIN codes and new credit/debit cards through postal mail. A virtual mailbox ensures you receive these without delay.

Mail forwarding: If you need physical copies of your mail or packages forwarded to your current location, virtual mailbox services can handle this efficiently, often with options to consolidate packages to save on shipping costs.

Cashing checks: Some virtual mailbox services offer to deposit checks on your behalf, which is particularly useful for expats receiving payments from clients or refunds from U.S.-based companies.

Privacy and security: For businesses, maintaining privacy and security of sensitive documents is paramount. A virtual mailbox provides a secure way to receive and store confidential mail.

Whether managing personal affairs or steering company operations internationally, leveraging a virtual mailbox helps you easily handle fiscal responsibilities, legal matters, and staying in touch. It’s one less thing on your mind while navigating life across borders.

Criteria for choosing the best virtual mailboxes for expats

When selecting a virtual mailbox service, consider the following criteria to ensure it meets your expat needs:

Privacy and Security Policies: Since the service will be opening and scanning mail that may contain sensitive information and financial details, it's crucial to ensure they have solid privacy and security policies in place. This includes measures to safeguard your personal data, such as secure data transmission, encrypted storage, and strict access controls.

Service Features: Look for services that offer the features you need, whether that’s package forwarding, check depositing, or mail scanning. The more comprehensive the service, the better it can cater to your needs.

Pricing and Plans: Assess the pricing structures and subscription plans to find one that matches your mail volume and specific requirements. Some services offer pay-per-use fees for mail scanning, which might be beneficial for low-volume users.

Customer Support: Effective customer service is crucial, especially in scenarios where you need assistance with your mail urgently. Look for services that provide responsive support via multiple channels.

Global Reach and Forwarding Costs: If you frequently move or need mail forwarded internationally, consider the service’s reach and forwarding rates to ensure they are reasonable and within your budget.

Selecting a virtual mailbox service that aligns with these criteria will help ensure that your mail is managed securely and efficiently, providing peace of mind while you're abroad.


For expats and global business owners, virtual mailboxes represent a vital solution to managing mail from afar. 

They not only offer convenience and flexibility but also ensure that you can execute important financial, legal, and personal actions. 

By understanding what virtual mailboxes are and their benefits and using the criteria mentioned above to select a service, you can maintain seamless access to your postal mail, regardless of where your travels or business ventures take you.


What is the best virtual mailbox for expats?

For personal use, Anytime Mailbox is highly recommended due to its affordability, with prices starting at just $5.99 per month and its global presence offering dedicated mailboxes worldwide. 

It stands out with features like free unlimited cloud storage for your mail, a mobile app for easy management, and comprehensive customer assistance via phone. It accepts mail and parcels from all couriers, ensuring you never miss a package.

For businesses, Stable Mailbox is the go-to choice, offering not just affordable pricing but also advanced features like easily searchable digitized mail, which saves time and storage. 

It supports team collaboration by allowing multiple members to view and manage the mail, integrates seamlessly with tools like Dropbox and Google Drive, and offers registered agent services for an additional fee. 

How much does a virtual mailbox cost?

The cost of a virtual mailbox service varies widely depending on the provider, plan and included features. 

Basic plans can start as low as $10 per month for personal use, with business plans or more feature-rich options ranging up to $50 or more per month. It's important to compare plans and fees for additional services like mail forwarding and package handling to find the best option for your needs.

What’s the difference between virtual address, virtual mailboxes, and mail forwarding services?

A virtual address provides a physical address for receiving mail and packages. Virtual mailboxes add online management capabilities, allowing users to view and manage their mail remotely. 

Mail forwarding services are a component of virtual mailboxes, offering the option to forward received mail to another address. 

While all three are interconnected, virtual mailboxes offer a comprehensive solution by combining the benefits of a virtual address with the flexibility and convenience of online mail management and forwarding services.

Can I use a virtual mailbox for official documents and government correspondence?

Yes, a virtual mailbox can be used to receive official documents and government correspondence. These services provide a physical address that is recognized for receiving mail from all entities, including government departments. 

Most virtual mailbox services ensure that your mail is handled securely, maintaining confidentiality for sensitive documents. 

As always, it’s important to check with the specific service to ensure they comply with government mail requirements in your home country.

Is it easy to change or cancel my virtual mailbox service?

Changing or canceling a virtual mailbox service is generally straightforward, but the process varies by provider. 

Most services offer flexible subscription plans without long-term commitments, allowing you to cancel anytime. Before signing up, it’s advisable to review the service’s cancellation policy to understand any notice periods or conditions. 

If you plan to change services, look for providers that offer support during the transition to ensure your mail is able to be redirected to your new virtual or physical address.

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