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Hi, I'm Dexter

Like many high achievers, I climbed the tech career ladder. But moving abroad changed everything.

In 2019, I left the US and traveled the world for 1 year as a digital nomad. In 2020, I moved to Singapore.

But while I was good with my career, I felt like I was fumbling with my money. Worse, I quickly discovered that expat finances is complicated, painful, and filled with expensive gatekeepers.

At one point, I felt totally overwhelmed and alone. Freedom felt light years away.

Finally, I had enough. I talked to friends facing similar challenges; studied financial masters on managing finances, investing, business structures, and taxes; and experimented with applying these ideas to my own money.

Fast forward to 2023, I launched Money Abroad, a media business to help professionals build wealth overseas. We’ve grown to 5,000+ subscribers, 25,000+ followers, and been featured by global brands like MoneySmart and Fincon.

More importantly, I’ve changed for the better. I’ve gained confidence in my ability to take control of my money and business life. I’ve accelerated my pace towards financial independence.

But it's still just day 1.

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