Career Coaching

I help professionals make career transitions through my coaching programs.

As part of my practice, I blend my practical industry experience with insight-based coaching to accelerate your growth.

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Does this sound like you?

"I'm feeling overwhelmed by how to do this."
"I'm feeling stuck and confused."
"I need help making a career transition or moving abroad."
“I need help creating a plan to achieve my career goals.”

If so, you're in the right place.

I offer tailored coaching services for tech professionals:

How I can help

Flagship Coaching Program

This is my personalized coaching program, which helps you gain confidence in achieving your career and wealth goal(s) while keeping you accountable.

Here are a few services I provide:

Job Search


  • Create a Job Search Plan: Prepare a strategy, outreach process, and application process. Learn how to project manage your job search effectively so it's fun and not painful.
  • Develop Your Positioning: Learn how to craft your narrative based on your target role, which we can use to shape your Linkedin/resume, personal branding, networking, and interview stories.
  • Build Your Pipeline: Get more interviews by learning how recruiting works and the one "X-factor" that helps my clients get in the door at top tech companies more than anything else.

Interview Prep

  • Learn Interview Frameworks: Uncover easy-to-remember frameworks that will help you confidently tackle tech behavioral interviews (e.g. three takeaways, five stories).
  • Practice Mock Interviews: I will simulate real mock interviews for you, provide you detailed feedback and notes, and coach you on specific gaps we identify together.

Financial Preparation

Compensation Negotiation

  • Prepare for Salary Negotiation: Learn how to research your compensation, understand your offer, common pitfalls, scripts, and strategies for approaching the dreaded conversation.
  • Practice Mock Negotiations: Practice the salary negotiation conversation, so we can help you approach this critical moment in your career with total confidence.

Financial Planning

  • Create a Financial Roadmap: Demystify the process for crafting financial goals that complement your career goals and designing a financial roadmap to help you achieve your goals.
  • Review Portfolio: Review your current career and financial portfolios, identify yellow flags, and uncover opportunities to grow earnings, savings, and investment.

Career Growth

Career Success

  • Be an Effective First-Time Manager: Uncover the key skills and behaviors you need to build a high-performing team. Discover common mistakes, time-saving tools, and on-going guidance.
  • Become a Top-Performer: Learn how to craft your Career Map, navigate your organization, build relationships, give presentations, ask for/get feedback, and make decisions that set you up for a promotion/raise/better career path.

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Ideal for clients who want a long-term program to grow their career to the next level
Flagship program
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Ideal for clients who are starting to build their desired career habits
Flagship program
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A La Carte

Ideal for clients who need help with an one-off challenge
Single session
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Flagship program includes:

Intake survey & kickoff session to set expectations and create an action plan
60-minute coaching sessions every other week
Relevant resources from my resource library
Retrospectives every ~3 months
Unlimited texts and emails outside of session (within reason)

Hear it from my happy clients


"Dexter gave me the confidence to go into the FB onsite knowing that I’ve prepared the best I can. His framework for telling stories and the category in which the stories should fit and how they can be flexed depending on the question was intuitive and easy to remember. His support and encouragement was very valuable, especially around non-verbal communication. I got the job 🙂"

Product Designer, Facebook


Dexter has played an integral role in me landing my dream role. Every step of the interview process he was there as a sounding board and a guide on things to do and to avoid. He gave me the confidence and provided structure to my interview answers. I’m now working with Dexter to make sure that I’m navigating my current job correctly. I highly recommend Dexter.

Danish A.
Senior Product Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we meet?
I meet most clients for a 60-minute session every other week.
How long does it last for?
~3 to 6 months. Exact length depends on the mutual goal defined during the kickoff session.
What happens if I'm not getting value from my coaching sessions?
For all my paid sessions, my standard refund policy is a 30-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

What that means is if you don't love the coaching sessions, you can email me at any time within 30 days of our first appointment and show me that you're doing the exercises and not getting results.  I will refund you 100% of the purchase price.
Aside from coaching, what other services do you offer?
I also help founders and tech professionals with other services:
  • Facilitating 360° Feedback: I talk to at least 5 people on your team and summarize what I heard in a report we go over
  • Workshops and Trainings: Situation specific trainings where I can train you and your product team on topics like hiring, product strategy, metrics, product-led growth, product discovery, and more.

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