🐧 Insights from $788M+ net worth

Net Worth Report H1 2023: Breakdown by Age, Country, and Profession
July 9, 2023

In this post, I’m thrilled to share a breakdown of $788M+ net worth aggregated from 1,613 professionals.

Today in 10 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

  • 🤑 H1 2023 net worth and income highlights
  • 🧠 How wealth breaks down by age
  • 🌏️ Top 7 countries by subscribers and wealth
  • 💼 Top 13 professions by subscribers and wealth
  • 🇸🇬 BONUS: Singapore expat asset allocation


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💸 Net Worth Report H1 2023

Every 3-6 months, I aim to publish a net worth snapshot of Money Abroad subscribers.

My goal is to provide subscribers with a transparent resource on net worth and income from professionals like you in the Money Abroad Community.

You won’t find this data anywhere else.

All numbers below are self-reported in USD

⚡️ Try the Net Worth Comparison Calculator

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🍫 Quick bites

  • 1,613 professionals completed the onboarding survey in H1 2023
  • ~$788M aggregate net worth
  • ~$20M aggregate annual gross income

🤑 Net Worth

  • 52% of professionals have accumulated wealth of $100k+
  • 11% are millionaires (ka-ching!)

💼 Income

  • 45%+ of professionals are earning $10k+/month
  • 15% are earning $50k+/month

🧠 Breakdowns by age, country, profession

Net worth by age

  • 35% of 45-54 professionals were millionaires, compared to 5% of 25-34 professionals
  • Median professional saves $100k+ by the time they’re 25 and $250K+ by the time they’re 35

Net worth by residence countries

Top 7 residence countries by subscribers:

  1. Singapore
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Canada
  6. India
  7. Indonesia

Sorted by wealth:*

  • Australia, Singapore, and US have the highest proportion of millionaires
  • 40-60% of overseas professionals in Indonesia & India have $100k+ in net worth. Non-Western countries also make a strong showing

*shows only ages 25-44 due to being the main demographic for Money Abroad

Net worth by role

This part was painfully manual to compile (I grouped liberally). But the insights are fascinating.

Top 13 roles by subscribers:

  1. Product Manager
  2. BD/Sales/Partnerships
  3. VP/Director/GM/Sr Manager
  4. Engineer/Data Science
  5. Founder
  6. Consultant/Freelancer
  7. Marketing
  8. Manager
  9. Strategy/Operations
  10. Analyst
  11. CXO
  12. Finance
  13. Designer/Researcher

Sorted by wealth:*

  • CXO, VP/Director/GM/Sr Managers, and Founders possess the highest % of millionaires
  • BD/Sales, Managers, Consultants, and Product Managers are not far behind in millionaire representation
  • 40% of Marketers, Engineers/Data Scientists, Consultant/Freelancer and Analysts had $0-$50k in wealth

*shows only ages 25-44 due to being the main demographic for Money Abroad

🤩 BONUS: Asset allocation of Singapore expats

  • Do you think expats own a 80% stock/20% bond portfolio? Think again.
  • Singapore expats allocate 10%+ towards real estate, company equity, crypto, and cash.

⭐️ Takeaways

  • Wealth accumulation happens progressively. Each age group shows a significant jump in net worth.
  • West is NOT the best. Geography is not a limit. Overseas professionals accumulate wealth in established Western markets and also emerging Eastern markets.
  • Wealth is consolidated in Executives and Founders. Other professionals like BD/Sales, Managers, Consultants, and Product Managers trail closely behind.
  • Singapore expats go beyond stocks. They allocate 10%+ towards real estate, company equity, crypto, and cash.

🌐 Beyond your borders

🇸🇬 Singapore private home prices fall for first time in three years. Not enough to make much change, but let’s watch if this trend keeps going.

🇨🇳 Chinese tech platforms Wechat and Alipay will allow users to link international credit cards. (I can FINALLY not feel like a pleb paying in cash in China)

🇬🇧 For the British passport holders reading, you are now eligible to apply for working holiday visa to Australia up until the age of 35. Time to relocate down under!

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