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Multi-currency trackers, Interactive Brokers, cross-border & FX tips
February 5, 2023

Today in 10 minutes or less, you’ll learn:

  • 🧰 Popular personal finance tools for expats
  • 😯 Surprising use cases
  • 🔥 Quick tips & hacks

🧰 Expat Personal Finance Toolkit

🗺️ Top Expat Hubs

We are going to cover tools for the top subscriber regions:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

🤩 Criteria

  • Low or minimal fees
  • Fast, easy-to-use UX
  • Accessible for foreigners (and Americans)
  • Responsive customer service
  • Secure

🧮 Track and manage money

Lunch Money (paid: $10 USD / month)

Lunch Money is a simple personal finance tool with bank integrations across 17 countries, crypto wallet integrations, budgeting, and trend visualizations.

Who is it for: Expats that want an easy-to-use budgeting tool that works across currencies and importing crypto & supported bank accounts

Surprising use case: “It was super easy to label all the expenses related to our wedding to figure out at the end exactly how much it cost / the breakdown of different categories for it” - Canadian expat

Tip: Try the Rules Engine to auto or manually create rules to automatically categorize your transactions and trigger notifications.

Pocketsmith (paid: $9.95 USD / month and up)

Pocketsmith is a more comprehensive personal finance tool with auto bank integrations across 49 countries (rarity!), budgeting, and cashflow management features.

Who is it for: Expats that want max coverage with automatic bank imports and more sophisticated analysis features

Surprising use case: “I use it as a searchable archive since bank statements go into the ether after 90 days.” - German expat in US

Tip: Tap into the cashflow reporting tool to project out your future budgets.


  • Janky bank connections. Multiple Singapore & HK banks are labeled ‘Experimental’. I personally tried linking my DBS Singapore account, hit an error, and couldn’t proceed further.
  • Outdated design. ”UI and mobile are kinda old”

Net Worth Tracker (free)

Net Worth Tracker is a simple Google Sheet template for tracking net worth, income, and expenses across currencies as an expat couple or individual. (My fiance and I currently use this tracker.)

Who is it for: Expat couples or individuals that want a free solution to consolidating their assets and liabilities across multiple currencies

Surprising use case: I track unpaid taxes using the net worth tracker, so we keep enough cash buffer to avoid nasty surprises during tax season.

Tips & hacks: Calculate your “guilt-free spend” using the Income & Expenses tab. Then setup automated transfers so the remaining balance in your bank account is always yours to spend on whatever you want.

🌱 Save & invest

Foreigner-friendly local bank account (DBS in Singapore, HSBC in HK, Monzo in UK, Schwab in US)

Banks with expat features like ATM fee refunds, no foreign exchange fees (normally ~3%), and multi-currency accounts. (I use DBS.)

Why local: Sadly, no global bank (that I’m aware of) is consistently great in availability, UX, customer service, and security ie deposit insurance across all 4 expat hubs. Please DM me and prove me wrong!

Alternative: For temporary needs, go to the Wise section to learn more about how to quickly create local bank account details.

Interactive Brokers (also Saxo in SG/HK/UK, Schwab in US)

IB is an online trading services with access to global markets, multi-currency support, low fees, and breadth of financial products. (I don’t actively use IB since I maintain my US investment accounts.)

Who is it for: Expats who plan to invest from multiple countries, but want to consolidate to a single brokerage account

Surprising use cases:

  • Get low FX rates. FX fees at 0.002% with a $2 USD minimum. “I now just use [IB] to transfer GBP to USD” - American expat in UK
  • Moving countries. Most brokers are tied to a local country. For IB, you can keep your account open when you move.

Tips & hacks:

  • Prepare to swap currency. “You might have to convert the currency within the platform to USD if you're buying US equities and you topped up in SGD.” - Romanian expat in Singapore
  • Americans should use US brokerage to trade US funds. “In my opinion, Interactive Brokers is the best, but only if you can open a US account. Since I opened a UK account (unknowingly) it only allowed me to trade UK funds which are more expensive, so I stuck to Fidelity US.” - American expat in UK

🌎️ Send money abroad


Wise is an online money transfer app with low-fees and 50+ currencies. Revolut also offers free transfers under certain conditions, but has more limited coverage.

Who is it for: Individuals or small business owners that wants to send or receive money from a person or business in another country.

Surprising use case:

  • Get local bank account details from anywhere. “A lesser known feature is that Wise is also a global account. You can issue yourself local account details globally, so that you can receive like a local in multiple currencies.” - Vinay Palathinkal, Regional Head @ Wise Platform
  • Automating your transfers. Setup recurring transfers to automate your expat money system across 2+ countries.

Tips & hacks:

  • Investing in foreign assets. “A great hack is using Wise to fund investments in foreign-domiciled assets. I love Robinhood - been a (not-so-successful) trader on the platform since 2016. After I returned to Singapore, I remained a fan, and Wise has helped me with my funding experience. Wise has a Plaid integration that directly links deposits from my Wise balance, so you can fund directly from your Wise balance to Robhinhood, which is cool.” - Vinay
  • Setup rate alerts for cheaper rates. Wise can automatically send you an email alert when the exchange rate drops below your preferred threshold.

(Caveat: Wise is not a bank itself and works with bank partners, so your funds are not regulated under bank deposit insurance schemes.)

📅 File taxes

Greenback Expat Tax Service

Greenback is a one-stop shop online tax service for American expats. 4.8 Trustpilot rating. (I used Greenback for my 2020 & 2021 US tax returns and had a positive experience.)

Who is it for: Americans living overseas with standard tax filing needs

Surprising use case: Reporting your foreign assets across an alphabet soup of required compliance forms (FBAR, FATCA, PFIC…) & avoiding huge fines!

Tips & hacks: Send your tax accountant your questions regarding upcoming tax events like a stock secondary sale so they can help to strategize on how to optimize taxable income.

🛡️ Protect yourself

World Nomads Travel Insurance

World Nomads is a travel insurance that covers people from 130+ countries, medical and evacuation activities, and adventure activities. (I used World Nomads in 2019 and had a good experience.)

Who is it for: Expats who are frequently traveling for work and play or without emergency coverage outside of their host country

Surprising use case: Many travel insurance policies DO NOT cover adventure sports like scuba diving, free diving, or outdoor rock climbing. World Nomad covers these and more.

Tip: Call their 24-hour emergency assistance hotline if you’re feeling ill while traveling.

Heard any juicy expat money tips recently? Reply or DM me links.

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