Wise International Business Debit Card

Best for International Business Spending
US$0 annual fee
Countries available:
United States

Quick review

The Wise Business Debit Card is a business card that allows you to spend money in over 55 currencies and 200 countries, without paying extra foreign transaction fees.

You get the mid-market exchange rate, and there are no monthly or annual fees. The card also comes with features to help you manage your business expenses, such as instant spending notifications, spending limits, and card freezing and unfreezing.

How to apply

  • Create a Wise Business account. You can do this on the Wise website or app
  • Verify your account. This will involve providing some personal and business information, such as your name, address, and business registration number
  • Order your card. You can do this from your Wise Business account
  • Note: Cards for US Businesses are only available for sole proprietorships and single-member limited liability companies (LLC) Businesses with multiple shareholders can't get a card at this time

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Make payments online or at physical stores in more than 55 currencies across over 200 countries
  • Get the mid-market exchange rate when settling foreign currency bills or expenses, without any subscription or monthly charges
  • Provide your employees with business debit cards
  • Hold and spend in over 40 currencies at no cost


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