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Starts at .43% per send
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Quick review

Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is an online money transfer service with low and transparent fees. Wise uses a peer-to-peer system, matching users sending in one currency with those receiving in another, which helps minimize currency conversion costs.

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Key Benefits and Features

  • Transfers to 160 countries
  • Available for personal and business
  • Real exchange rate with no markup
  • Multi-currency account for easy management of funds in different currencies
  • Integration with various banking and financial platformsFast or even instant global payments
  • Earn 4.33% APY with their interest feature (USD balance account)


  • Monthly fee: $0
  • Annual fees: $0
  • Transactional fees: vary by currency, from 0.43%
  • Exchange rates: mid-market exchange rate
  • ATM fees: no fees for withdrawals over $100 USD per month per account, $1.50 USD per withdrawal thereafter'
  • Account funding transactions: 2%
  • Getting the Wise debit card: $9 USD
  • Converting money: fee varies by currency, from 0.43%
  • Holding money in your account: free

Sources: Transumo, Exiap

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