: 2024 Review

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Kubera auto-tracks your family’s net worth across currencies and accounts, analyzes your portfolio, and plans future scenarios. My wife and I use this tool as part of our monthly money review.

Kubera synchronizes various asset types, from traditional to crypto, across global banks and currencies. It automatically syncs financial accounts like banks, credit cards, and investments, providing real-time net worth updates.

Key Benefits and Features

Benefits Description
Aggregation/Integration Aggregates global bank and brokerage accounts using seamless integrations with Yodlee, Plaid, Salt Edge and more
Multi-currency Multi-currency tracking accommodates individuals with dual citizenship or international work
Family Usage Good for individuals and families alike, with ability to connect accounts from multiple family members
Cryptocurrency Support Cryptocurrency tracking capabilities
Estate Management "Dead man's switch" that protects your data from being lost or locked away
Analysis Tools Simple historical analysis and forward projection tools to help inform your decisions
Dashboard Experience Easy-to-use dashboard for managing and organizing your various assets and liabilities
Sharing and Access Controls

Simplified sharing and access control make management easy for partners or financial advisors


Plans Details
Personal $150/year
Family $225/year
Business Starting at $150/month

User Experience

User Experience Details
Ease of Use Fast and simple platform for aggregiation, analysis, and projection purposes
Time to Setup Under an hour (requires just linking your accounts)

Customer Service

Customer Service Description
Channels Email and live chat
Availability Customer service available to respond (typically in a few hours)
Online Resources Access to some FAQs, guides, and tutorials for self-help options

Source: ModestMoney

Dexter Zhuang
Dexter Zhuang

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