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: 2024 Review

Best for Solo 401(k)s
Starts at $299/year
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Carry Finance

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Carry Finance is my Self-Directed Solo 401k provider. I use their platform to manage my Solo 401k tax-advantaged accounts and investments as an LLC business owner. What I've appreciated about Carry is its simple user experience, flexibility to invest in a variety of asset classes, and useful educational resources on taxes for business owners.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Simple Solo 401(k) setup flow tailored to business owners, freelancers, and self-employed individuals
  • Deduct up to $69,000 from your taxes and get tax-free growth on your contributions
  • Use your self-directed Solo 401(k) to invest in both traditional assets such as stocks, ETFs, and bonds, as well as alternative options like real estate and cryptocurrency
  • Roth and Traditional IRAs offered
  • Supports an easy-to-use backdoor Roth conversion tool (without requiring a phone call like other brokers)
  • Offset your taxes with alternative investments, backdoor Roth IRA, and estate planning trusts
  • Flat annual fee (no AUM fees) covers all 401(k) management and financial planning requirements
  • Access Solo 401(k) loans and repayment options


  • Basic Plan: $299/year
  • Pro Plan: $499/year
  • VIP Plan: $6,000 - $18,000/year

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Dexter Zhuang
Dexter Zhuang

Dexter is the founder of Money Abroad, an online education platform helping high-performers design their independent money path. He has 10+ years of experience building products and teams at public companies (Dropbox) and scaling startups (Xendit) across the US, Asia, and Latin America. His work has been featured in global outlets like Business Insider, CBS, US News & World Report, and Tech in Asia. He graduated from Dartmouth College.

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