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🐧 Breaking into the US market from Asia

INSIDE: International Careers, US vs Singapore vs China, Top 3 Founder Mistakes
January 14, 2024

🐧 Building a tech portfolio career | Aki Taha

INSIDE: What is a Portfolio Career, APAC vs US Careers, Doubling Down vs Diversifying
November 5, 2023

🐧 How to build relationships in new markets

INSIDE: Cold DM Scripts, Identify Right Profiles, Info Interview Questions
October 15, 2023

🐧 How I moved from US to Singapore as a tech professional

INSIDE: Target Role Criteria, 30+ Connectors, Interview Tours, Comp Data
October 1, 2023

🐧 Overseas tech job search and salary negotiation | Jay Demetillo

Spotlight: From Silicon Valley Bamboo Ceiling to leading Product Design at Grab
May 14, 2023

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