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Hi, I'm Dexter

Moving abroad changed everything.

In 2019, I left the US and traveled the world for 1 year as a digital nomad. In 2020, I moved to Singapore. Now, I'm in Mexico City.

Like many high-achievers, I climbed the career ladder. But while I was growing my tech career, I felt like I was fumbling with my money. I chose the default path—chasing a FIRE goal—but it turned out to be an awkward fit for me.

The more I achieved net worth milestones, the more empty and meaningless they felt. The more I asked myself, "Why am I doing this?" I realized I had to reach deep inside for the answers. I felt terrified and anxious.

Fortunately, I leaned into my fears. I talked to friends facing similar challenges; studied masters on managing finances, alternative work, and small business; and experimented with applying what I learned to my own money.

Fast forward to 2023, I launched Money Abroad, helping people uncover alternatives to financial independence. We’ve grown to 6,000+ subscribers, 25,000+ followers, and been featured by global brands like Linkedin Top Voice, Fincon, and Moneysmart.

More importantly, I’ve changed for the better. I've learned FIRE is not the only path. I've discovered a plethora of rich alternatives. I've carved my own independent approach to money, and I'm excited to help others develop their own.

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