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Living overseas and have no idea how you’re doing financially?

Don’t fret, we were in your shoes not long ago. Talking about money is a taboo for many expats, so we know what it feels like to be left in the dark.

That’s why we asked our friends to (anonymously) share their net worth, income, and investing data. For the first time ever, you can benchmark your financial health against peers in your respective residence country.

From net worth by age group benchmarks to exact asset allocations, you won’t find this data anywhere else.

Benchmark your wealth against expats like you

If you have ever wondered, "How am I doing?" — this is your answer.
Discover net worth by age benchmarks based on crowdsourced data from 1,600 overseas professionals in Singapore, US, UK, & Australia.
Find out your exact wealth percentile amongst similar professionals working at top companies like Google, Amazon, Stripe, & more.
Take action to grow your net worth to the next level.
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🐧 Insights from $788M+ net worth

🐧 Insights from $788M+ net worth

Net Worth Report H1 2023: Breakdown by Age, Country, and Profession
July 9, 2023
🐧 Expat Net Worth Report Q1 2023

🐧 Expat Net Worth Report Q1 2023

Insights from $127M+ net worth, $50M income, 47 millionaires, 40 countries
April 16, 2023
🇸🇬 How Singapore expats invest & manage their money

🇸🇬 How Singapore expats invest & manage their money

PLUS: Renouncing US citizenship, FIRE book, couples money therapy
January 8, 2023
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