Want proof that my programs really work? On this page are numerous reviews I’ve received from actual clients. I’m humbled and grateful for them to share their experiences.

Dexter gave me the confidence to go into the FB onsite knowing that I’ve prepared the best I can. His framework for telling stories and the category in which the stories should fit and how they can be flexed depending on the question was intuitive and easy to remember. His support and encouragement was very valuable, especially around non-verbal communication. I got the job 🙂

Product Designer, Facebook

Dexter has played an integral role in me landing my dream role. Every step of the interview process he was there as a sounding board and a guide on things to do and to avoid. He gave me the confidence and provided structure to my interview answers. I’m now working with Dexter to make sure that I’m navigating my current job correctly. I highly recommend Dexter.

Danish A.
Senior Product Manager

I had been in the same organization for 9+ years and wanted to change to a different field – the tech field. I needed consistent support while going through the ups and downs of job searching, relying on my friends and family was too sporadic. And I needed someone who I can strategize and practice interview or negotiation scenarios with.

Transitioning to a different field was not easy but Dexter was a great navigator/co-pilot! Read Dexter’s writing on his website and newsletter, you can get a feel of how he thinks and coaches. I resonated with his writing a lot, so if you feel the same way, give him a try. I have raved about him to family and friends, and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a career coach to see if he’s their match.

I felt like Dexter was really there for me when I needed advice. His style of organization and communication matched my need so every session was productive and covered enough grounds. I appreciate his knowledge and experience with the tech industry.

As a big bonus, he’s a world traveler and has a mindful approach to life so I think these contribute to how he relates to people – he’s a great listener, clear communicator, and empathetic.

He gave me a more foundational understanding of who I am which helped reveal the directions that I already had inside me – my inner compass. His exercises and coaching helped me to discover my values, strengths, curiosity, and needs, allowing me to filter for jobs that match my core being.

He is also very approachable and humble. Looking for a job can be a process of self-discovery that can bring out uncomfortable feelings to the surface like shames and anxieties. I was able to open up and trust Dexter with these and acknowledge their existence without letting them be barriers.

Elsie T.
Partner Success Manager

Dexter is the ideal career coach. He helps you dig deep to uncover the deeper values and needs you didn’t realize were impacting your career choices. Combining that with his ability to be your biggest fan and source of support, working with him gives you confidence to make choices that move you towards happiness and growth. Each conversation with him, I feel I have more clarity about who I am and where I’m headed.

Aatash P.
Founder, Edtech Startup

Dexter is THE person one should reach out to if you’re contemplating a potential transition to tech. He has been in countless interviews and has mentored so many people in the Bay Area. There are a litany of job titles that almost sound the same and he’s fantastic at deciphering that for you. He knows each role intimately, the pros/cons, and is well equipped to guide you through your career journey. He’s insightful and asks great questions.

Jennifer Z.
Investor Relations

Before working with Dexter, I thought I knew where I wanted to go but actually I didn’t. I was so dedicated to diving into the Data Scientist path right out of the bootcamp and once I got the role as a contractor at Google, wanting to learn more about Machine Learning. I reached out to Dexter to see what I should be doing in order to climb the technical ladder.

I really appreciate Dexter is an excellent listener and able to capture the key points from my long conversations and give me very constructive, directional advice. Also I love how Dexter always asks follow-up questions to dive deep into my thoughts and feelings in order to come up with a solution together.

I would say the coaching process is very well-constructed. It is framework and experiments-based — iterated based on results. The process is not something quick and easy as there is no one simple answer to get to the destination. You just need to believe in the process and framework and give it some time to fly. Eventually the results will prove that you became a better you.

The biggest “aha” moment for me was to just step out of my comfort zone, believe in the process, and get the ball rolling. For example, I was procrastinating and shy to do coffee chats, not sure if they are effective. But once I tried the first and second time (just 15 minutes each), it became more natural. I can now see the unmeasurable benefits of these activities. My most recent 2 roles were both secured by using this method — directly chatting with the hiring manager or the team members before applying. Highly suggest this method rather than cold applying.

For anyone wanting to get into the tech industry or already in tech and want to climb the ladder, I would highly suggest chatting with Dexter. Work with him for a few sessions and I’m sure you will be very happy with the results and advice you get from his deep knowledge.

Ka S.
Business Intelligence

Dexter’s coaching style is very personalized and supportive. There’s a lot of help given in motivating, keeping spirits high, tips and reminders outside of the traditional Q&A prep. I really liked Dexter’s style because of the flexibility in really catering to my needs, while at the same time receiving input on the way about things I hadn’t considered personally. I see those as nudges towards the right direction while still giving me the freedom to target my core needs.

One of the biggest things for me was that it allowed there to be a thread of forward momentum. The sessions were checkpoints, and I felt I had to put in my due diligence before the next checkpoint. I came into the coaching experience thinking it would primarily be about tactical tips and strategies for the interview. I came out of it realizing that coaching helped as great mental support as well. It was almost like a surfboard that I was using to paddle towards a location. I was choosing the direction, I was putting in the effort and moving forward, but boy did that surfboard really help out in knowing I wasn’t alone in that journey.

Eric C.
Health Care UX Designer

Dexter is an exceptional coach and I highly recommend him. He helped me in improving my job search funnel/strategy – right from my resume to interview answers. Thanks to him, I landed 3 desirable offers in a matter of few months.

Chinmay S.
Sr. Operations Manager

Dexter has been a great life coach for me over the years. He has helped me “get out of my own head” on several occasions when uninvited emotions flood my mind. He guides me, through both suggestions of the mind and suggestions of lifestyle, with tangible ways on how I might improve my well-being. He also has a keenly observational eye; he knows what environments and what kinds of people I thrive around, and what kinds of environments I shrink around. That distinction has helped me advise me on several occasions on where I might find social and professional success. I’m grateful for his coaching, and for his friendship.

Tarun G.
Marketing Manager

Dexter has helped me tremendously over the past several years in understanding myself, then making an action plan to find a career that I’m passionate about. He is an excellent sounding board and will push you to be really honest with yourself about why you’re pursuing a certain path. In that regard, he takes a holistic approach to coaching. For example, as I pondered a career pivot and getting an MBA, Dexter helped me navigate the self-reflection process about what I was hoping to get out of the process both personally and professionally so that I could not only articulate a concise, authentic story in my application but also hold myself accountable once I was at school.

Anthony Z.
Consultant & MBA Graduate

Before working with Dexter, I was a product manager learning how to best approach the poverty problem and help low-income populations improve their financial well-being. I was looking to transition into a company with this mission as a PM.

I appreciated that Dexter always came prepared to tackle the most pressing matters on my mind, which gave me the confidence that I was in great hands. I felt more confident going into my interviews because Dexter was so comprehensive and thorough in preparing me for anything that may come up. Dexter is very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable asking him anything, which made the coaching relationship that much more productive and enjoyable.

During the coaching process, learning how to not only apply but also adapt the very helpful product frameworks that Dexter shared was my biggest “aha” moment. I no longer felt like I was unprepared for product interviews because I knew what questions to expect for each type of interview, and furthermore, I knew how to respond in a clear and structured manner. Over time, I was even able to add my own personal spin to the frameworks, which I think made my interview responses more natural and allowed me to showcase my strengths.

Joey A.
Product Manager

Dexter was a great career coach! He is able to identify what specific problems you are facing career-wise and will then create a personalized plan to help you overcome these obstacles. Dexter believes in your abilities as a candidate and this was important for me to land my first job!

Rishabh K.

I had a fantastic mock interview experience with Dexter! I would strongly recommend PM candidates to schedule a mock session with Dexter before interviewing!

Krista S.
Product Manager

My appointment today was great, we worked on my values and realized that some of the ones that I spent a lot of time thinking about, were actually secondary or just gateways to other more important values that were already being fulfilled. Looking forward to schedule my next session.

Juan A.
Software Engineer

Dexter has been a mentor throughout my career at Dropbox. I’ve worked closely with him across multiple projects at Dropbox. I’ve learned a ton from him and seen how great of a product and business minded leader he is. He knows how to ask the right question to gain context and guide you to your own conclusions. He is able to coach you through short term tactical challenges as well as longer term strategic aspirations or goals. Dexter is also extremely approachable, patient and available as mentor and coach. I would work with him again without question.

Kevin Y.
Product Manager

I highly recommend Dexter as a career coach. Dexter was very good at asking insightful questions and sharing relevant work experiences to guide my decision making about what team to join. He continues to be someone I seek guidance from for career pathing discussions and mentorship.

Tiffany X.
Business Operations

My resume review session with Dexter was great and very beneficial. I walked away with solid feedback, clear steps to take to improve my story, and an actionable plan to catch recruiters eyes.

Joseph J.
SVP Operations

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