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Money Abroad is a niche weekly newsletter covering money and business for professionals living abroad.

Our content focuses specifically on financial decisions and tools, which attracts a high-skilled, specialized, and tech-savvy audience.

Our readers are senior professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, product managers, engineers, and business development people looking for new ways to manage their finances and build their businesses.

It is the ideal place to advertise financial/fintech, B2B SaaS, consumer tech products, jobs & events, and media.

Here's what you'll get

  • 🌎 Active subscribers: 5,000+ readers
  • ✉️ Unique open rate: 55%
  • 👉️ Unique click rate: 6%
  • 💰 Ad clicks: 30 - 100

Key audience info

  • Sectors: Diverse audience but skewed towards high-skilled workers in tech, engineering, product management, sales, marketing, operations, and finance.
  • Companies: Meta, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Stripe, Linkedin, OCBC, BCG, Bain, Sequoia
  • Seniority: 10% Founder/C-Level, 11% VP/Directors, and 52% Senior Level
  • Location: 27% US/Canada, 27% Singapore, 6% Australia, 5% UK
  • Income: 50% earn over US$120k/year
  • Wealth: 52% have over US$100k in net worth
  • Age: 56% 25-34, 26% 35-44
  • Gender: 62% male, 38% female
  • Financial knowledge: 75% considered themselves “Intermediate” or higher in terms of financial literacy


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